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Call for SOAHR 2019 Speakers is now open

Are you a passionate promoter of Breaking Barriers in the New World of Work and the Next Generation of Human Resources? Do you have research, expertise, or experience to share with our audience of HR and business leaders who want to build more human workplaces? We invite you to submit content for a breakout session at SOAHR 2019.

SOAHR 2018 was our largest attendance in years and we’re expecting that number to continue to grow in 2019 – you won’t want to miss this opportunity to build and nurture your network.  We are looking for content that supports learning specific to Mastering the Business (Operations | Sales | Marketing | Finance), HR Technology, Strategy (Strategic HR, Strategic Innovation, etc.), Legal, and Diversity & Inclusion.                        We will strongly consider content that qualifies for HRCI Business Credits.

Content submission deadline is August 24, 2018.  All submissions will receive a reply by December 3, 2018, to confirm if your session has been accepted, is in consideration, or has been declined.

CONFERENCE DATES: March 25-27, 2019 | LOCATION: Cobb Galleria

The ideal SOAHR facilitator is:

- experienced, engaging, and comfortable speaking in front of a large audience.

- passionate about sharing expertise and primary research on topics in HR, business acumen, technology and innovation, leadership, and building a best in class workplace and workforce.

- willing to partner with SHRM-Atlanta to deliver the best possible content experience for our audience.

- committed to sharing SOAHR 2019 with your social networks.

Thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge with the SHRM-Atlanta HR Community.

Submission Instructions

If this is your first time submitting a presentation you will need to create an account and a profile before you can upload content and/or a presentation. You will need to:

1. Create an Account
2. Create a Profile (after you’ve created an account select MY PROFILE from menu bar).
3. Upload the presentation (if you are submitting on someone's behalf, please select their email address from the drop-down box)

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If you already have an account and profile you will need to log-in with the password you created. Forgot your password?  Click HERE to reset.


Selection Guidelines

SHRM-Atlanta accepts submissions throughout the year for consideration. As we review and consider current HR trends, evergreen topics, and the needs of our Atlanta HR and business community, we will leverage our speaker database to search for relevant content. Our consideration will include content relevance, clearly defined and applicable learning objectives, alignment to the SHRM BoCK™, tangible takeaways and effective facilitation of learning. We will evaluate and consider individual speaker recommendations, applicable feedback and ratings* (if a previous speaker).

A Note Concerning Honoraria - SHRM-Atlanta has a tradition of offering professional development programs that encourage innovation in the field of human resource management. We look for contributors who are willing to share their expertise without expectation of payment in the spirit of learning and networking, a purpose for which we were founded.


Choosing Content for Submission

We ask that content address one or more of the SHRM Body of Competency and Knowledge (SHRM BoCK™), which describes the behavioral competencies and HR Expertise (knowledge) HR professionals need for effective job performance.  When submitting presentations for consideration, you will be asked to indicate which SHRM BoCK™ competency and/or domain your content addresses.

For more information about the SHRM Competencies, CLICK HERE



Speaking Opportunities

Annual SOAHR Conference: This two-day conference will feature one or two high profile keynote speakers and 30+ concurrent educational sessions. The conference delivers professional development with relevant and timely content, as well as formal and informal networking opportunities.  Typical conference attendance is 1000+, includes a resource partner showcase, and is held at the Cobb Galleria Centre.

Annual Symposium: This one-day symposium will feature one or two high profile keynote speakers and 16 concurrent educational sessions. Content focus for the symposium is specific to Leading Self, Leading Teams, and Leading the Business. Additionally we will offer several 2-hour workshops where participants can expect a more thorough learning experience.  Typical symposium attendance is 300-400, includes a resource partner showcase, and is held at The Infinite Energy Center.  

Chapter Meeting Chapter Meetings are typically offered in the afternoon or evening and feature one 60-minute keynote speaker. Content should be relevant and timely and appeal to a mass HR audience.  Typical chapter meeting attendance is 125-250 and includes a networking reception. Location will vary.

Legal Summit:  This one-day summit will feature one keynote speaker and several Legal subject matter experts. Content should help HR Professionals stay current with the ever-changing U.S. legislative and political landscape. Typical attendance is 50-100. 

HR TechKnowledge Summit: This one-day summit will feature one keynote speaker and several IT/Technology subject matter experts. Content could include, but is not limited to, current information or trends specific to Artifical Intelligence, Predictive Software, and HRIS Systems. Content should help HR Professionals demystify any/all HR specific technology. Typical attendance is 50-100. Location will vary.

HR Everyday Summit: This one-day summit will feature one keynote speaker and several HR subject matter experts. Content could inclulde, but is not limited to, Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Compensation & Benefits, Learning and Organizational Development, and Diversity and Inclusion. The target audience for this summit is HR professionals who have recently transitioned into or are considering a new role in HR. Typical attendance is 75-100. Location will vary.

Experiential Workshops: Workshops will feature more a comprehensive, hands-on learning experience. Participation will be limited to 50 or fewer. Content should specifically support a SHRM BoCK competency (ex: Communication, Relationship Management or Business Acumen). Workshops should be 2-4 hours in length.  Location will vary.

Webinars: All content will be considered for webinars. Special consideration will be given to webinars that support (pre or post) other conference, symposium, or summit programs.    

*All conference, symposium, summit, and workshop content should qualifty for HRCI and SHRM continuing education credit.